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For Release: May 4th, 2000

The 2000 edition of the Northern Ontario Secondary Schools Association Annual General Meeting went this past Friday in Espanola, with very few surprises insofar as motions affecting the Sudbury District were concerned.

Nonetheless, this meeting is always significant in that there is always at least potential for major changes, and also in that the championship calendar for the next few years is set, with individuals selected to host and convene the twenty-six Northern Ontario high school championships that are offered each school year.

In terms of level of activity, the 2000-2001 activity calendar is not excessively busy, especially compared to the four O.F.S.A.A.'s and eleven N.O.S.S.A.'s that will be hosted this year.

Next year's Sudbury-hosted N.O.S.S.A. Championships will include: "A" Boys' Volleyball - November 18th (John Baxter - Chelmsford), "AAA" Girls' Basketball - November 24th and 25th (Jen Bourget - Lasalle), Alpine Skiing - February 19th (Monika Jost - St. Benedict), "AA" Girls' Volleyball - March 2nd and 3rd (Paulette Gardner - Champlain), Curling - March 6th and 7th (Clyde Sheppard - Lasalle) and of course Sudbury always hosts Gymnastics and Swimming which are considered direct entries to their respective O.F.S.A.A. Championships.

Sincere thanks are extended to those teacher volunteers who step forward to convene these sports each year - they are significant milestones in student's athletic and academic experience and may pave the way to competition at the highest high school level possible - O.F.S.A.A.



The S.D.S.S.A.A. soccer schedule is now close to the end of its second week of competition and the scores point to some very exciting results. To the end of Monday, May 1st, a total of thirty-seven games had been played in all four divisions, twenty-three of which were decided by two goals or less, including eight ties!

Teams have been diligently calling in their scores facilitating daily web page updates, which players, coaches, parents and fans can access at www.rainbow.edu.on.ca/sdssaa - you can also access a link to the current standings at this address as well.

Who's favoured to win each league this year? Don't ask - I have no idea!



Today marked the first day of the Ontario Federation of Secondary School Athletics COED Badminton Championships at Cambrian and St. Charles College. Matches concluded at 5pm today in preparation for the event banquet at the Caruso Club, but will resume tomorrow morning at both sites.

Interested in learning more? Well I have another website to tell you about, including everything you wanted to know about O.F.S.A.A. badminton, but were afraid to ask: www.rainbow.edu.on.ca/lasalle/ofsaa/default.htm.

Best wishes are extended once again to our local entries. They are: Krista and Samantha Sheppard of Lasalle, Sarah Senwick and Karyn Demers of Levack and Pat Boileau and Tim Peters of Lo-Ellen Park. Do us proud!



You can access some preliminary information about the upcoming O.F.S.A.A. Girls' AAA Soccer event taking place June 1st to 3rd by logging on to: www.scdsb.edu.on.ca/mma/oindex.html.

More on this championship in the weeks to follow.

Confused about all these web page addresses? Don't be! You can access them all from a single site, our S.D.S.S.A.A. page: www.rainbow.edu.on.ca/sdssaa.


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