With Dave Makela

For Release: October 28th, 1999


We've just passed what I believe most physical education program leaders would affectionately refer to as "the week from hell".

Fall sports are gearing up for playoffs in the next few weeks while at the same time winter sports are holding try-outs and preparing for the start of their season in the middle of next month.

Can you say "lack of gym time"?

To complicate matters, some program leaders pull triple duty by coaching and convening, on top of all the other "goodies" that are associated with their job such as: finding coaches, scheduling gym time for try-outs, practices and games, ordering uniforms, training student officials, confirming sports teams, budgeting, answering phone inquiries and faxes (and I send a TON of faxes), attending association and sub-committee meetings, attending games as the staff liaison to the school, and a plethora of other functions that are necessary to organize a school's sports programs.

Oh yes, did I mention that all this comes after preparing for classes? Marking? Supervising?

Needless to say, I'm never too upset when I can't seem to get a hold of a program leader right away.

In many cases, help does come in the form of community volunteers who often make the difference between entering a team, and not entering a team. For the students, it is a huge difference indeed.

If you happen to be qualified as a coach and have some free time on your hands, you would be doing an important service to your local youth and your community if you were to pick up the phone and call the physical education program leader of a school close to where you live. They may not have a vacancy right away, but chances are they will.

Oh, and please don't be surprised if you have to leave a message ...

On the schedule for this week is the Junior Boys' Soccer Championship Final, taking place this afternoon between the Lockerby Composite Vikings, who defeated the St. Charles College Cardinals in semi final play, and the Defending Champion College Notre Dame Alouettes, having upended the Lasalle Lancers in their semi final.

Game time is 3:30pm at the Delki Dozzi field.

Also this afternoon, some four bus loads of cross country running hopefuls will be making the trek to Mount St. Joseph in the Soo for the N.O.S.S.A. Cross Country Running Championships.

The Lo-Ellen Park boys and Lockerby girls will be looking to continue their city championship success by earning a birth to the O.F.S.A.A. championships next Saturday in Etobicoke. Last year, Lasalle and Lockerby took home team honours in Senior and Midget girls' competition respectively, but the Sudbury schools were shut out in boys' team competition.

Best of luck to all competitors!


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