With Dave Makela

For Release: September 23rd, 1999


As a top-flight athlete in your school, have you ever wondered where you might fit in amongst the nation's best athletes?

If you have, here's something that might interest you. Athletics Canada is embarking on a search for the best high school athlete in Canada. Open to all high school athletes in any sport between the ages of 15 and 19 years, athletes will take part in a simultaneous, cross-Canada, low skill "pentathalon".

There will be five specific events in this pentathalon that can be performed with little preparation and practice by athletes from any sports background. The events include: 60 metre sprint on a track for time (no starting blocks or spikes), running long jump for distance (off a 1 metre chalk take off board measured from the point of take-off), backward overhead heave (with a 4 kilo shot for males, 3 kilo for females, measured for distance), softball throw for distance (using a 9" ball) and a sixty second run for distance (measured to the closest metre).

Athletes will be given a "pentathalon score", based on a set of standardized scoring tables. Each athlete will end up with a point total, and will be compared not only to their peers across Canada, but also against those produced by two of Canada's greatest ever all-round Olympians: Michael Smith and Catherine Bond-Mills. All scores will be processed at the National Combined Events Centre. Every athlete, male and female, will receive a "National Ranking".

The week of implementation is October 25th to 31st, must take place within these dates and the project must be completed on the same day. Depending upon the interest expressed, it would likely take place at one central location for all local schools.

There are no specific physical requirements of the target athletes, it should however be understood that this project is intended for the very best athlete in any given school in any particular sport. The contest is meant to attract the "best of the best".

Very soon information will be passed on to physical education program leaders in the Sudbury high schools. If this idea seems like something you'd like to pursue, ask them about how to get involved in this project!

In O.F.S.A.A. Championship news, the four local championship conveners sat down recently to discuss and decide upon package deals for souvenir program advertising.

The package, which sets out prices for a package of four ads of any size that would appear in each of the O.F.S.A.A. championship programs published, offers an opportunity for local businesses to "give once, for all", rather than being approached by each event committee separately.

Think you might be interested? Why not log on to www.rainbow.edu.on.ca/sdssaa today, and click on "What's Hot", or contact me at 674-2150 for more information. Your consideration is very much appreciated!

Talk to you next week!


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