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Junior League plays in the fall.
# Senior Boys and Open Girls play in the spring, each in two divisions: AA/AA and A.



Refer to Constitution (Article IX).
Girls are eligible to compete if the school has no girls' soccer team.



The Rules of Soccer as they appear in the F.I.F.A. Handbook shall govern league play with the following exceptions:



- League - 80 min.
- Play-offs - 80 min.

There shall be two equal halves separated by a five (5) minute period between the first and second halves.



There will be unlimited substitutions, which can be made at the following times upon Referee's approval:

Goals Scored
Yellow Card
@ Throw-ins
Goal Kicks

NOTE: Opponents can substitute only if possessing team substitutes.



For Tied Games in the Play-Offs - As per FIFA rules as follows if the teams are tied at the end of regulation time, the following procedure shall be used:

1. Two (2), ten (10) minute halves.

2. If still tied each team will select 5 players from those on the field at the conclusion of the overtime. These 5 players will take penalty kicks alternately, the team winning the toss kicks first. The winner will be the team scoring the most penalty kicks.

3. If still tied, the remaining players shall take the penalty kicks, one from each team alternately, the winner being that team which is ahead after any pair of penalty kicks.



1. Number of Players - Each team may have a maximum of 20 dressed per game. Unlimited number on eligibility list.

@ 2. Where ties involve the last playoff position(s), tie breaking games must be scheduled.

@ 3. To break all other ties in the final regular season standings, the following criteria will be used:
(I) Head to head results, with the winning team being seeded highest.
(II) If there is still a tie, the team that has allowed the fewest points amongst the tied teams will get the highest seed.
(III) If still tied, point differential (points for less points against) amongst the games involving the tied teams, the team with the highest differential getting the highest seed.
(IV) Should the teams still be tied, then the overall point differential between common opponents shall be used.

Tie breaking games will be played at the site of the highest placed seed. Should that site be unavailable, not meet sport governing body specifications or not be able to accommodate spectators, then the game will be played at the site of the lower seed. Should either of these locations be unavailable, then the higher seeded team shall select a site. If the higher seed is unable to access a site, the convener shall secure a neutral site. For scheduling, the convener(s) shall leave at least two days for tiebreakers at the end of the schedule before the playoffs.

In ties involving three or more teams, teams will be seeded using the criteria above, and a minimum number of games will be scheduled to decide the issue. Match-ups will be scheduled considering standard playoff formats (ie. if four teams: 4th vs 1st, 3rd vs 2nd, if three teams: 1st receives bye, 3rd plays second, etc)

All tie breaking games are designated as playoff games.

4. The schedule shall commence in the third week of school in September for the Junior team and the last week of April (weather permitting) for the Senior boys and Open girls team.

5. The home team will supply a suitable game ball and the score sheet before the game. The winning team is responsible to report, to the convener, the results of the game. In case of a tie, it is the home teams responsibility. Note that coaches are not responsible for other Referee Reports.

^ If the scoresheet is not submitted within two school days following the date of the game, the offending team will forfeit the results.

6. All players must adhere to the F.I.F.A. rule for uniforms. Jogging pants in school colors will be allowed under extremely cold conditions at the call of the referee. Each player must be properly identified, for the entire game, with their own unique numbers.

7. A determined effort should be made by each team to develop a minimum of two game officials each year.

# 8. Winning the City Championship in a Division qualifies a team for NOSSA in that division. AAA schools that opt to "play down" are ineligible for post season play. "A" schools are not permitted to "play up" to the "AA"/"AAA" division.

9. The winning school is responsible for faxing the game result to the media. *Weekly game results shall be faxed to all program leaders and team coaches. The Athletic Administrator will endeavour to ensure that the media is aware of the playoff schedule.

10.*A copy of these playing regulations will be given to the referee-in-chief, who is responsible for informing all referees (this applies especially to playoff format, length of game and tie breaking procedures).

11. *The last two weeks of the Junior schedule will have game starts at 3:30pm and 5:00pm (due to failing light).

12. **A designated adult representing the school must sign the game sheet prior to a game or the game will not proceed.

13. @ In the event of a forfeiture, the non-offending team will be credited with a 3-0 win.



# Entries in both girls' and boys' leagues will be separate into two divisions, numbers permitting:

"A"- for schools of "A" classification as defined by OFSAA

"AA"/"AAA" - for schools of "AA" and "AAA" classification as defined by OFSAA



# NOSSA representation in each classification will be decided by teams that advance the farthest in their respective divisional playoffs first, then from round robin standings should no teams in the same classification make the playoff round. Should teams in the same classification be eliminated from the playoffs in the same round (ie. semi finals), then a single, sudden victory game will be played on the same day as the SDSSAA champioship finals to decide NOSSA representation.



1. A player receiving a red card will be suspended for the remainder of that game and the next game. The referee must submit a Discipline report for the player to the Convener within 24 hours.

2. *If a player receives a yellow card, the player must leave the field of play (substitution is allowed). This player may return to the game at the next available substitution time. *The refereee must submit a discipline report for the player to the convener within twenty-four hours.

3. Any player receiving three yellow cards during the season will be suspended for one game immediately following the game in which 3rd yellow was received. Any player receiving four yellow cards during the season will be required to meet with the Athletic Administrator and Convener. Any player receiving five yellow cards during the season will be required to appear before a S.D.S.A.A. Board of Reference Hearing. Any player receiving a sixth yellow card during the season will be required to serve an additional game suspension.

It shall be the responsibility of a coach to be aware of the "red card, yellow card" status of the players on the team and to ensure that a player who has earned a suspension is not played. Playing such a player will lead to forfeiture of the game.



^ Members of the Championship team shall receive S.D.S.S.A.A. medallions and will be recipients of a championship banner and trophy. The Finalists shall receive S.D.S.S.A.A. Silver Medallions.

*For Junior league top scorer, an informal status with no award attached, a maximum four goals per game will be attributed to an individual in a single game. Should a player score more than this, it will be counted on the game sheet to decide the game result, but not counted in the league scoring race."



Revised: 28 August 2006
@ denotes changes made at most recent post season meeting


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