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% Updated: June 2004
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See Constitution - Article IX..

*Only two (2) non-current team players will be allowed to move up to play in the higher division per game.



* Two divisions will be created based on school enrollment, one for "AA"/"AAA" schools and the other for "A" schools. Based on projected numbers for 2005/2006 the divisions will be as follows:
Lasalle Macdonald Cartier
Lockerby Sacré-Coeur
Lo-Ellen Park Hanmer
Sudbury Secondary Chelmsford
St Charles L'Horizon
St Benedict Bishop Carter
Confederation Champlain
Marymount Lively
Notre Dame Rivière-des-Français

* Division I will serve as the vehicle for “AAA” and “AA” NOSSA and Division II will serve as the vehicle for “A” NOSSA. If a team from Division I requests to play in Division II they will be ineligible for challenge for NOSSA. If teams in Division I wish to request to play in Division II, they will require acceptance of at least 75% of the Division II teams before they will be allowed to play down a division. @ This request will be made to the convener who will then contact the Division II teams. The request must be made one week prior to the schedule being typed up.

% Schools shall declare by the second Monday in September whether they have a junior and/or senior team. The junior team must follow the senior team`s division of choice (ie. Division I or Division II) or vice versa.

* There will be a convener for each of Division I and Division II.

Teams in each league will play a single round robin schedule with each playing no more than one game per week (unless numbers are such that a double round robin or extra games are necessary.) The conveners will draw up a tentative schedule (in consultation with the men's volleyball convener) to be presented at the pre-season meeting and eventually approved by the members of the Executive who are present.

The playoff structure for each league will be determined at the pre-season meeting.

* Division I and Division II champions will be declared and will receive a trophy and appropriate awards.

Early games will be scheduled to begin at 4:15 p.m. in town and 4:30 p.m. out of town. Late games will be scheduled at 5:30 p.m.

For junior and senior double header games, junior games will be scheduled early one week and late the next.

% If an unbalanced schedule is required, the win-loss record will only be counted in the first round of play, and not count for the extra games drawn (ex, 7 team league and 6 games count for win-loss record, single round robin).

For additional information refer to the Constitution - Article XIII and Article XVI.



Refer to the Constitution - Article XIV, Page 14 (b).



Major officials will be provided by the referee-in-chief.

Minor officials (timekeepers, scorers) will be provided by the home school for all league and play-off games except the finals.

@ In the event that only one official reports to do a game, after a fifteen minute waiting period from the scheduled start time, the game should be cancelled unless both coaches accept that the game go on.



Rules will be as per the current basketball rulebook.



(a) Where ties involve the last playoff position(s), tie breaking games must be scheduled.

(b) To break all other ties in the final regular season standings, the following criteria will be used:

(I) Head to head results, with the winning team being seeded highest.
(II) If there is still a tie, the team that has allowed the fewest points amongst the tied teams will get the highest seed.
(III) If still tied, point differential (points for less points against) amongst the games involving the tied teams, the team with the highest differential getting the highest seed.
(IV) Should the teams still be tied, then the overall point differential between common opponents shall be used.

Tie breaking games will be played at the site of the highest placed seed. Should that site be unavailable, not meet sport governing body specifications or not be able to accommodate spectators, then the game will be played at the site of the lower seed. Should either of these locations be unavailable, then the higher seeded team shall select a site. If the higher seed is unable to access a site, the convener shall secure a neutral site. For scheduling, the convener(s) shall leave at least two days for tiebreakers at the end of the schedule before the playoffs.

In ties involving three or more teams, teams will be seeded using the criteria above, and a minimum number of games will be scheduled to decide the issue. Match-ups will be scheduled considering standard playoff formats (ie. if four teams: 4th vs 1st, 3rd vs 2nd, if three teams: 1st receives bye, 3rd plays second, etc)

(c) All tie breaking games are designated as playoff games.



(a) * For purposes of NOSSA entry, Division I will serve as the vehicle for entry to “AAA” and “AA”. Division II would serve as the vehicle for “A” NOSSA. Any team from Division I (“AAA” or “AA”) that plays in Division II (“A”), will be unable to challenge for a NOSSA position.

(b) * The NOSSA representatives from the SDSSAA will be the team that advances the farthest in local, divisional play when all teams in the same category play in the same division.

(c) @ If two teams lose at the same level in the playoffs are are in the same category, there will be a game played between the tied teams to ensure the best NOSSA representation. This game will take place if the regular season format is a single round robin or a split record in a double round robin format, in the gym of the higher standing team.

(d) *If a team or teams from Division II (“A”) play(s) in Division I (“AAA”,”AA”), the highest placing “A” team in Division I may challenge the highest ranking team in Division II for NOSSA representation. If one NOSSA representative from SDSSAA, the highest ranking Division I team plays the Highest Ranking Division II team (at the Division II team’s gym). If two NOSSA representatives from SDSSAA, the first seed will be the highest ranking Division II team. The second seed will be decided by virtue of a challenge game between the Highest Ranking Division I team and the 2nd Highest Ranking Division II team (at the Division II team’s gym).

**Teams in Division II may not declare up a category.

(e) Challenge matches will be played on the Monday before NOSSA or earlier if possible.

(f) The conveners of Division I and II will coordinate the "challenge" matches. Division I teams will have the home court unless the gym is not available. If neither gym is available, then a neutral site may be chosen.

(g) If only one division exists, all NOSSA reps will be decided by:

i.their advancement in the league until eliminated (farthest)
ii. challenge match, if tied in #2 above.



The girls' all-star game will be played immediately after the O.F.S.A.A. Girls' Basketball Championship.



Revised: 28 August 2006
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