**Updated: June 2003
% Updated: June 2004
# Updated: June 2005
^Updated: June 2006




Refer to the Constitution - Art. IX, page 20-21.






1. Refer to the Constitution - Pages 20-21

2. The Official eligibility sheet must be used.

3. ^Sudbury Secondary will be recognized as the “designated import school” for students from “A” schools without football programs who wish to participate at the high school level.


a. SSS will be eligible for SDSSAA awards but not eligible for NOSSA or OFSAA, unless in that season no “designated imports” are selected.
b. The number of “designated imports” must never exceed the number of students on the team from SSS.
c. Selection, equipping and supervision of “designated import” players will be at the discretion of SSS, however it is recommended that at least one staff supervisor from each “designated import” school be in place to ensure the SDSSAA and school code of ethics is observed at all times.

The enrolment “designated import” schools may not exceed the OFSAA definition of “A” classification (in 2004-2005, schools with less than 600 students).

4. ^If due to injury a player on the eligibility list is prevent from making the two game minimum necessary in order to be rendered eligible for playoffs, then the mandatory two regular season requirement need not apply upon submission of a doctor's note. 


The Canadian Amateur Football Association Rulebook will be used (as amended in the general section).



Are the responsibility of the convener.

Player Ejection:

1. The referee shall notify the coach immediately when a player is ejected from the game.

2. The referee shall record the ejection immediately noting:

  • - the player number
  • - team name
  • - infraction

3. A written report is to be submitted to the convener.



The cost of officials for league and play-off games, above the Officials' Pool allotment, will be shared equally by all schools entering a team in the S.D.S.S.A.A. league.



% The top four finishers in each division will move on to championship semi-finals (1 vs 4, 2 vs 3) with the winners moving to each respective championship final.

All playoff games will be played at Cambrian College or Queen's Athletic Field.



1. Each team may dress as many players as it wishes with unlimited substitution.

2. A player wearing a cast must check with referee to ensure clearance to play.

3. Varsity football game quarters shall be 15 minutes as per timing regulations of the Football Canada Rule Book.

4. ^Tie for final playoff positions shall be broken in the following manner:

5. Once an official schedule is drawn up and approved by the executive committee, it shall be considered as final. No changes are to be made less than two weeks prior to the game. See Constitution (blue pages), ART. XIII, Section 2, Page 28.

6. There shall be no more than two (2) time outs per half. One coach may meet with his team on the field during the time out.

7. All competitors must wear a mouth guard.

#8. For natural turf (per CAFA rulebook):

a. Minimum of seven cleats per sole, with a minimum tip diameter of 3/16"
b. Additional cleats may be of a lesser tip diameter, provided that the maximum length is 0.5".
c. Maximum cleat length is 0.5".
d. A cleat made of metal or with a metal tip is illegal.
e. Note: Illegal cleats include those made of metal, or with a metal tip, or made of any material that burrs, chips or fractures.

9. The convener shall purchase a leather game ball for the championship game. Each team shall have an approved rubber ball which may be used during inclement weather at the discretion of the coach.

10. A coin flip will be used to determine "choice" at the beginning of the game.

11. *The penalty for the `no yards` infraction will be 10 yards.

12. % *The responsibility for timing shall be that of the officials.

13. % The statistics volunteers shall be paid an honourarium of $20/game each, plus a $15 meal allowance for days where they are required to cover two games. *Two representatives from each team will be required to attend a pre-season stats clinic.

14. # NOSSA rules, regarding exceptions to the Football Canada rulebook, except for the timeout rule and the cleat rule, will be adopted for SDSSAA play.

15. # Blocking below the waist is illegal on all plays outside of the close line area (between offensive tackles 2 yards either side of the line of scimmage) (10 yard penalty).

16. # Game format:

a. Four downs, head to head.
b. There shall be no neutral zone (rule 4.1.2).
c. In the event that a Team B player goes offside and breaks the plane of the line of scrimmage before the ball is snapped, play shall be stopped only if contact with a Team A player is made (rule 4.2.3).
d. After the A Team has gained a first down, or after a change of possession or kick off, the team in possession shall have four attempts (downs) to gain the required distance of ten yards (rule 4.6.1).




*Revised: 28 August 2006
^ denotes most recent changes


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