Championship Final Results - 2011

Sudbury Indoor Tennis Club

Saturday, May 14th

Boys Singles:

Akshay Varghese ( LEP)1st place (10-6 win)
Stephan Houle (Macdonald Cartier) 2nd place
Pat Desmarais (LCS) 3rd place
Justin Cousineau (BAC) 4th place

Girls Singles:

Sally Ross (Lockerby) 1st Place (10-1 win)
Claire Sauve (Lo-Ellen Park) 2nd Place
Sarah Hunt (Marymount) 3rd Place
Pascal Lavergne-Giroux (Notre Dame) 4th Place

Boys Doubles:

Cameron Desjardins / Josh Harkins (Bishop Alexander) 1st Place (10-3 win)
Connor Hill / Chris Hannon (Bishop Alexander) 2nd Place
Jason Boudreau / James Snow (Bishop Alexander) 3rd Place
Kyle Lekun / Jeremy Faganely (Lasalle) 4th Place

Girls Doubles:

Natalie St. Laurent / Chloe Lacasse (Macdonald Cartier) 1st Place (10-4 win)
Alex Eaton / Gennie Eaton (Lockerby) 2nd Place
Chantal Emond / Chantal Belanger (Notre Dame) 3rd Place
Indigo Clement / Kelsey Panton (Lockerby) 4th Place

Mixed Doubles:

Gabriel Despatie / Karolyne Blain (Macdonald Cartier) 1st Place (10-1 win)
Brigitte Gelinas / Josh Demore (Macdonald Cartier) 2nd Place
Sam Gordon / Alex Boissoneault (Lockerby) 3rd Place
Cruz Stevenson / Leah Aelick (Confederation) 4th Place

The SDSSAA Co-Ed Tennis School Banner was won by Macdonald Cartier with 36 points.

The top two teams from each division will be playing in NOSSA on Thursday, May 19 (Warm ups at 9 AM).

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