For the School Year 2009-2010

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Maxime Comeau - Es Macdonald Cartier

Guiliana Parisotto - Marymount

Devin Swanson - Notre-Dame

Brigitte Clairmont - Esc l'Horizon

Zak Szydziak - St Charles

Kassandra Merits - St Benedict CSS

Eric Trottier - Riv-des-Français

Courtney Wallingford - Lo-Ellen Park

Joel Giornofelice - St Benedict CSS
Justin Bisaillon - Es Hanmer

He is in grade 9
He as improved greatly and encourages his team mates all the time. He could not make the previous practice, and his team mates missed his possitive attitude and encouragement.

Justin will make his mark in all the sports he participate in.

(no picture available)

Chelsea Wandziak - Marymount

Ian Bailey - Lasalle

Ashley Ojalammi - Lasalle SS

Sébastien Leroux - Esc Champlain

Christine Laplante - Esc Champlain

Paul Cécile - Collège Notre-Dame

Anna-Marie Macdonald - St Charles

Hayden Kosmerly - Lockerby CS

Tamara Beaton - Confederation SS

Natalie Arbour - Collège Notre-Dame

Trevor Gudrie - Confederation SS

Brigitte Gélinas - Es Macdonald Cartier

Jordan Jackson - Esc l'Horizon

Ashley DiPietro - Sudbury Secondary

Brigitte Lamothe - esc l'Horizon

Josh White - Lasalle Secondary

Josh Desjardins - Lively DSS

Christine Laplante - É.s.c. Champlain

Brad Clarke - Lockerby CS

Pete Barbeau - Lo-Ellen Park SS

Jaymie-Lynn Hancock - St Benedict CSS

Zakary Sivret - Es Macdonald Cartier

Jaimee Lafraniere - Lockerby Composite

Joel Lamontagne - Esc Champlain

Erika Kiviaho - Lively DSS

Jordyn Lacastro - St Benedict CSS

Megan Thompson - Bishop Carter CSS

Mathieu Dépatie - College Notre-Dame

Alannah MacLean - Lo-Ellen Park SS

Spencer Burton - Chelmsford VDCS

Kayla Cuomo - Lasalle SS

Garrett Duff - St Benedict CSS

Nick Guerin - Lockerby CS

Amelia Temelini - St Charles

Kyle Stasiuk - St Charles

Emily Paquin - Lockerby CS

Tim Smith - Lockerby CS

Jenna Hellstrom - Lasalle SS

Chris Hannon - Bishop A. Carter CSS

Kelsey Langlois - Bishop A. Carter CSS

Émilie Bouchard - Collège Notre-Dame

Ross Proudfoot - Lo-Ellen Park SS

Gabby Conrad - Lockerby CS

Brandon Shirk - Lasalle SS

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